Friday, March 15, 2013

New Additions

As winter wanes and spring begins, little by little, to offer hints of its pending arrival, we begin to get excited.  We have seedlings growing under lights, waiting for the danger of frost to pass.  And this week we had probably the most fun we've had all winter:  We went to Rural King and picked out twelve new chicks, two ducks and two turkeys.  We estimate that they are all between one and two weeks old.  For the next few weeks they will all live in the tub of our spare bathroom, under a heat lamp with a small box of sand and a stick for a perch.  Then, once the weather warms, we'll move them outdoors and begin to integrate them with the existing flock.

The "nursery"

On Friday evening we spent some time taking photos of each of the new birds.  We wanted to get good photos of all the young chicks.  We wish our friend (and professional photographer), Stacy, could have seen this circus!  Carefully open the bathroom door, to keep the Boston Terriers out.  (Note for future reference:  Boston Terriers do not regard chicks as cute and cuddly.  They see them as small, feathery snacks!) Catch a couple chicks.  Ease back out the door.  Get the chicks to the counter for the photo shoot.  Set chicks in towel-covered tray.  Quickly snap a photo.  Put wandering chick back in tray.  Snap another photo.  Repeat.  Return puzzled chicks to bathroom.  Get another pair and start the process over.

Some of the little chicks did sit quietly and were easy to photograph.

Then we brought out the turkeys.  They were not interested in posing.  They wanted to explore the new environment.

Mike's favorites are the ducks.  They had an agenda of their own.  Fresh out of the nursery, they were not interested in sitting still for a portrait.  

Yeah...we've got attitude!

These are "Indian Runner" ducks...and they wanted to run!

After a few minutes they settled down and agreed to pose.

At this point we don't know how many are hens (girls) and how many are roosters, toms and drakes.  So we've got some learning, and surprises, ahead.  Stay tuned for more adventures!

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